Are you one of the 5.3 Billion?

We long to stay connect via mobile devices – even while we sleep!

Mobile devices have grown into personal connection and communication that is available 24/7 , and infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Do you sleep with your cellphone? If so you are NOT alone – so do 64% of users with 1/2 checking the  cell during the night for messages.

Online Stats you cant afford to Ignore

Business Marketing Online From Inbound Marketing

This is a very revealing post from Hubspot – If you think internet marketing isn’t working for business THINK again! Here are some online Stats you dont want to miss

Like most small business owners, you likely work many in multiple capacities, such as management, sales, marketing, operations and finance. You are always busy. Since your time is limited  and valuable, it is crucial that you invest in activities that will yield the greatest ROI.

Inbound marketing is a powerful and effective way to achieve higher business lead generation and land new business. In order to stay on top of your inbound marketing game, you need access to the latest data to help you make informed decisions and generate engaging, information-rich content. Presenting shocking statistics is a great way to engage your audience. I will now share and discuss HubSpot’s 10 Awesomely Provocative Stats.

Mobile Website Tips

Mobile Website Tips You Can Use for Your Business

The beginning of a new decade in the new millennium marks the constant use of mobile phones. More and more people are on the go and it has been a customary for most of them to bring with them a mobile phone wherein they could access important information from the internet. From their emails to Facebook and Twitter to quick “Googling” of some information, these people rely heavily on mobile technology so they can communicate and research while on the move.

And if you have a business, it would be wise to get some mobile website tips that you can incorporate into your marketing campaigns.